Sugat Dabholkar

Sugat Dabholkar



Year Degree Institution
2010 MBA (Human Resources) Xavier School of Management
2007 M.Sc. (Biology) National Centre for Biological Sciences

Selected Publications

Rai N, Anand R, Ramkumar K, Sreenivasan V, Dabholkar S, Venkatesh KV, Thattai M (2012). Prediction by promoter logic in bacterial quorum sensing.. PLoS Comput. Biol.: 8: e1002361.

Dabholkar S, and Thattai M (2007). Brainstorming Biology.. IET Synthetic Biology: 17-20.

Dey S, Dabholkar S, and Joshi A (2006). The effect of migration on metapopulation stability is qualitatively unaffected by spatial structuring of among patch variation.. Journal of Theoretical Biology: 238: 78-84.

Research Interests

I am interested in working on scientific thinking and rational inquiry abilities as a central goal of science education. More specifically, I would like apply insights from psychological and cognitive aspects of learning, especially pertaining to the rational inquiry abilities, in a practical context to design relevant curricula and educational resources for high school students.

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