Solomon Cytrynbaum

Dr. Solomon Cytrynbaum

Professor Emeritus, Education
Professor , Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Associate Director for Education, The Center for Applied Psychological and Family Studies , Psychology Graduate Program

Annenberg Hall
Room 341
2120 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208-0001
Phone: (847) 491-5754


Solomon Cytrynbaum is a professor emeritus in the School of Education and Social Policy and the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in the Medical School, Northwestern University. He served as dean of the School of Education and Social Policy and currently is associate director for Graduate Education and Training, the Center for Applied Psychological Family Studies, Family Institute, Northwestern University.

Cytrynbaum has published extensively on organizational life and group and intergroup relations. His most recent book, co-edited with Professor Debra Noumair of Columbia University, is Group Dynamics, Organizational Irrationality and Social Complexity. He teaches graduate seminars in dynamic personality theory, group and organizational dynamics and consultation. His current research activities focus on organizational conflict and consultation especially to family–owned businesses. He has also carried out numerous technology, administrative and evaluative studies and consultations in a variety of large school districts, medium and large for-profit businesses, not for-profit organizations and family-owned firms.

In his studies of and consultations to school districts, private companies, family-owned businesses and YPO Forums, Cytrynbaum has worked with a wide range of faculty, administrators, executives and business owners as a consultant, evaluator, coach, workshop and retreat facilitator. He has been appointed to the boards of several educational, mental health and business organizations. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and has maintained a private practice in psychotherapy and organizational consultation for over 30 years. He joined the Northwestern faculty in 1977 after serving on the faculty of the departments of psychology and psychiatry at Yale University from 1969-1977.

Curriculum Vitae

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Year Degree Institution
1971 PhD, Psychology University of Michigan
1962 MA, Child Development and Family Relations Cornell University
1959 BA, Arts and Sciences McGill University


Year Title  
2005 Dissertation Committee Member

Selected Publications

Cytrynbaum,Solomon & Noumair, Debra (2004). Group Dynamics, Organizational Irrationality,and Social Complexity:Group Relations Reader 3. A.K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems.

Cytrynbaum, S. (2000). Mann's member-leader scoring system in Beck, A., et. al., (Eds.), Process in Therapeutic Groups: A Handbook of Systems Analysis Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.

Hess, G. Alfred Jr,. & Cytrynbaum, S. (1999). Monitoring the implementation of the CPS design for high school: The second year, 1998-99. Center for Urban School Policy, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

Cytrynbaum, S. (1995). Group relations research progress report: Contextual and methodological issues in the study of gender and authority in Group Relations Conferences or "It Depends." in West, K., Hayden, C., & Sharrin, R. (Eds.), Chaos and Community Jupiter, FL: A.K. Rice Institute.

Cytrynbaum, S (1994). Gender and authority in Tavistock group relations conferences: Research findings and organizational implications in Allcorn, S. (Ed.), Psychoanalytic Interpretations of Organizational Cultures Chicago: International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations.

Selected Presentations

Cytrynbaum, S. (December, 2008). The large group experience: Participation and Practice. Presented to Argosy University and the Chicago Center for the Study of Groups and Organizations. Chicago, IL.

Scott, K., Cytrynbaum, S. and Berger, G. (December, 2008). New Trier Presentation Study. Presented to the Board of Education, New Trier District #203. Winnetka, IL.

Cytrynbaum, S. (November, 2008). Small group consulting and the Tavistock model. Presented to the Center for Applied Psychological and Family Studies and the Chicago Center for the Study of Groups and Organizations, The Family Institute. Evanston, IL.

Cytrynbaum, S. (December, 2005). Theory and practice of small group consulting. Evanston.

Cytrynbaum, S. (December, 2005). Family business succession consultation. Evanston.

Cytrynbaum, S. (June, 2005). Midlife development and depression in older adults. Evanston.

Cytrynbaum, S. (March, 2005). Discussant: When the client is the organization: Using the unconscious at work. Chicago.

Cytrynbaum, S. (January, 2005). Overview of the principles and practice of group relations and small group. Chicago.

Research Interests

Group dynamics, organizational assessment and change, family systems, gender and authority in group and organizational life, organizational consultation, evaluation of school reform and school academic/technology systems, research methods, application of group and systems theory and research to school change.


Committees (PhD)

Start End Name Position Description
2005 CPSY doctoral student Member I served as a member of a dissertation committee for the last remaining CPSY doctoral student.
2005 Doctoral Qualifying Exam Committees, Member I was a member of the Doctoral Qualifying Exam Committees for two Garrett Seminary Graduate students and one Psychology Masters student and I am a member of one Garrett studentís Dissertation Committee. I was the first or second reader on eight CPSY Masterís student comprehensive exams


Professional Organizations

2008 - Present American Educational Research Association

Professional Service

Year Organization Position Description
2008 International Journal of Group Psychotherapy Reviewer
2008 American Psychological Association Member
2008 A.K. Rice Institute Member Jupiter, Florida
2008 A.K. Rice Institute Fellow Jupiter, Florida

Editorial Boards

Year Journal Name Position
2005 International Journal of Group Psychotherapy Reviewer

Community Service

New Trier High School: As part of a major effort to improve prevention services targeted at student social and emotional development and to improve the schoolís climate I continued to work with administrators, faculty, parents and students as part of a Bullying and Harassment Committee at New Trier. In addition, I continued to meet regularly with a group of about 30 staff and administrators who attended Tavistock Group Relations conferences at Northwestern examining New Trier as a social system.

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