James Rosenbaum

James E. Rosenbaum

Professor, Human Development and Social Policy
Professor , Sociology, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty Fellow , Institute for Policy Research

2040 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60208-4100
Phone: (847) 491-3795


Education researcher James Rosenbaum is an expert on the college-for-all movement, college attendance and coaches, high-school-to-work transitions, and linkages among students, schools, and employers.

A specialist in research on work, education, and housing opportunities, Rosenbaum has published six books, including Bridging the Gaps: College Pathways to Career Success and After Admission: From College Access to College Success. His research has contributed to the design of award-winning community college reforms, federal and state policies, and programs to improve college access for low-income students.

For two decades, he conducted an extensive research project on the effects of relocating poor inner-city black families in public housing to subsidized housing in the white middle-class suburbs of Chicago. This quasi-natural experiment, known as the Gautreaux Program, has enabled him to study the effects of these moves on children's educational outcomes and job opportunities, as well as the social and economic effects on the mothers.

These studies encouraged the federal government to create its Moving to Opportunity (MTO) program, implemented by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Rosenbaum has testified before Congressional committees on several occasions. He is a member of the Technical Review Panel for the High School Longitudinal Study of 2009 (HSLS:09) in the U.S. Department of Education.

Curriculum Vitae

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  • 2019 - Elizabeth G. Cohen Distinguished Career in Applied Sociology of Education Award
  • 2008 - The Senior Urban Education Fellowship
  • 2006 - Invited and Attended the Board of Trustees meeting



Year Degree Institution
1973 PhD, Sociology Harvard University
1968 MA, Sociology Harvard University
1966 BA, Culture and Behavior Yale University

Selected Publications

Rosenbaum, James, Ahearn, C. Rosenbaum, Janet. (September, 2017). Bridging the Gaps College Pathways to Career Success. The Russell Sage Foundation.

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Selected Presentations

Rosenbaum, J.E., Wilson, T., Baker-Keffer, E. (December, 2008). Community Colleges and Workforce Development. Atlantic Magazine Executive Meeting on Workforce Development. Tom Wilson, CEO Allstate insurance, Elizabeth Baker Keffer, VP of Atlantic Monthly. Presided by Terence Smith, PBS. Chicago, IL.

Rosenbaum, J.E. (December, 2008). Workforce Development and Poverty. Employment and Training Session, Illinois Poverty Summit, co-sponsored by IPR. IL.

Rosenbaum, J. E. (September, 2008). Residential Mobility and Permanent Escapes from Poverty: The Long Term Results from the Chicago Gautreaux Program. The Integration Debate: Competing Futures for American Cities Greg Squires & Chester Hartman Routledge. Conference in Chicago at The John Marshall Law School. Chicago, IL.

Jennifer L. Stephan, Lisbeth J. Goble, James E. Rosenbaum) (August, 2008). Transparency barriers to college for low-income students: Beyond aspirations and student deficiencies. Paper presented Annual Meeting of American Sociological Assn. Boston, MA.

Rosenbaum J, and Lisbeth J. Goble (August, 2008). Do Institutional Attributes Predict Individuals’ Degree of Success?. Paper presented Annual Meeting of American Sociological. Boston, MA.

Rosenbaum, J. E. (August, 2008). Thematic Session: Societal and Institutional Mechanisms Underlying the School-Work Transition. Session Organizer and Moderator Annual Meeting of American Sociological Assn. Boston, MA.

Rosenbaum (July, 2008). Housing choice and access to opportunity. testimony to National Commission on Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, chairmen: Jack Kemp and Henry Cisneros, former Secretaries of US Dept of Housing and Urban Development. Chicago, IL.

Rosenbaum, J. E. (April, 2008). What kinds of neighborhoods change lives? The Fair Housing Act After 40 Years: Continuing the Mission to Eliminate Housing Discrimination and Segregation. Indiana Law School. Indianapolis, IN.

Rosenbaum, J. E. (March, 2008). Ways community colleges can improve labor market entry for disadvantaged young adults. Planning Conference for a new Program on Community Colleges. Gates Foundation. Presider: Hilary Pennington. Seattle, WA.

Rosenbaum, J. E. (January, 2007). Advisory meeting on high school preparation for college and workforce. Education Week. Washington, D.C.

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Rosenbaum, J. E. (November, 2006). The impact of research on social policy: how can we improve the usability of research?. Presentation to the Spencer foundation. Chicago, IL.

Rosenbaum, J. E. (November, 2006). Report on research studying CPS post-secondary coach program. Presentation to post-secondary Education Department, CPS. Chicago, IL.

Rosenbaum, J. E. (October, 2006). Community colleges: promises and possibilities for Chicago. City Colleges of Chicago Symposium, Chicago Civic Association. Chicago, IL.

Rosenbaum, J. E. (October, 2006). Poorly understood patterns of college experience: Directions for survey research. Presented at a conference on improving national survey research. University of Chicago, NORC. Chicago, IL.

Rosenbaum, J. E. (September, 2006). How does education research best travel, where should it go, and how can we keep it from causing trouble on its travels? . Improving Education Journalism: Helping Ideas Travel, The Spencer Foundation. Chicago, IL.

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Rosenbaum, J.E. (December, 2005). Ways Chicago public schools could improve the school-work transition. Presentation to senior staff of Mayor Richard Daley, fifth floor, City Hall. Chicago, IL.

Rosenbaum, J.E. (October, 2005). Impact of sociology of education research on understanding of pedagogical practices. Presented at Sociology of Education Program, Notre Dame University. South Bend, IN.

Rosenbaum, J.E. & White, K.W. (August, 2005). Inside the black box of accountability: Stratification mechanisms affecting resource allocation, student classification, and school culture. Paper presented to the Conference on No Child Left Behind, American Sociological Assn. Philadelphia, PA.

Rosenbaum, J.E. & Stephan, J.L. (August, 2005). College Degree Completion: Institutional Effects and Student Degree Likelihood. Paper presented to the Annual Meetings of the American Sociological Assn. Philadelphia, PA.

Rosenbaum, J.E. & Person, A. (August, 2005). Educational Outcomes of Job Contacts and Placement Services for Students at Public and Proprietary Two-Year Colleges. Presented at ASA Paper Session "Colleges and Their Consequences." Discussant: David Bills. Philadelphia, PA.

Rosenbaum, J.E. (June, 2005). Clarifying high school goals and student incentives: research findings and practical steps for high schools. Presentation to the governing board of Learning Point (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory). Oak Brook, IL.

Rosenbaum, J.E. (May, 2005). Educational opportunity in American society: a research agenda for studying transitions. Presented at the conference on Research on Improving High Schools, Institute for Educational Sciences. Washington, DC.

Rosenbaum, J.E. (May, 2005). Educational opportunity in American society: a research agenda for studying transitions. Institute for Educational Sciences. Presented at the conference on Research on Improving High Schools. Washington, DC.

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Rosenbaum, J.E. (March, 2005). Conference on reducing financial barriers to higher education. Russell Sage Foundation/Spencer Foundation, organized by Eric Wanner and Michael McPherson. New York City, NY.

Rosenbaum, J.E. & Wong, M. (March, 2005). A Longitudinal Analysis of The Educational Attainment Process: How do Colleg Plans and Effort in High School Affect Educational Outcome?. American Educational Research Association (Paper session). Montreal, Canada.

Rosenbaum, J.E. Research findings that question our assumptions about college requirement. Evanston.


Mechanisms for Improving Labor Market Entry of Disadvantaged Students in Community Colleges

Research Interests

High schools, community colleges, youth transitions to work and adulthood. School and college reform and restructuring. Sociology of education.


Professional Service

Year Organization Position Description
2008 US Department of Education, National Assessment of Career and Technical Education Member Independent Advisory Panel; 2006-2011
2008 Technical Review Panel (TRP) for the design of the National High School Longitudinal Study of 2009 (HSLS:09) Member for the US Dept of Education
2008 Panel survey of public housing residents in the Plan for Transformation, NORC, University of Chicago Advisor 2006-2009
2008 Consortium for Chicago School Research, 2006 Adjunct Researcher One of the only researchers outside Univ. of Chicago with such a status
2006 US Department of Education Independent Advisory Panel National Assessment of Career and Technical Education
2006 Spencer Fellowship Selection Committee, Spencer foundation Member
2006 Panel survey of public housing residents in the Plan for Transformation, NORC, Advisor University of Chicago
2006 high school preparation for college and workforce Advisor Education Week
2006 Consortium for Chicago School Research Adjunct Researcher
2005 Spencer Foundation Pre-Doctoral Spencer Fellows Selection Committee 2004 - 2006
2005 Sociology of Education Section, American Sociological Association Chair
2005 Learning Point Governing Board Talk to Learning Point Governing Board Includes Secretaries of Education for 5 Midwest states

Community Service

October, 2008 - October, 2008 Pro-Bono consulting, Brian Fabes, CEO, Civic Consulting Alliance. Oct 1, 2008

Advising to CPS, school to careers program, Jill Wine-Banks, director. Melissa Gordon, Lois Richards
March, 2008 - February, 2008 Advisor, Program Ideas for New Anti-Poverty Initiatives, Chicago Community Trust, Clint Mabie,Executive Director, James Lewis, Ph.D.Senior Program Officer. Mar 20, 2008.
December, 2008 - 2008 Pro-Bono consulting, Bill Tisdale, CEO, Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council
2008 - 2008 Advising to CPS, Postsecondary School Program, Greg Darneider, director.
2008 - 2008 Advising to CPS, education to careers program, Jim Peterson Partnership Development Manager.
December, 2008 - Present Task force leader for the Illinois Poverty Summit, on Workforce, Education, and Training,
Appointed to two different national commissions and advisory roles on several educational policy activities in Chicago.

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