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Personalize Your PD: Giving Teachers Choice in Their Learning Journey With Jennifer Ban 




Personalize Your PD: Giving Teachers Choice in Their Learning Journey with Jennifer Ban
Educators give students choice and variety in what and how they learn, and we should do the same for teachers taking professional development courses. This session will give ideas on how to design a PD system that makes learning more personalized and meaningful for staff. We'll explore different frameworks to begin personalizing learning, helpful tools to aid in the design, and, most importantly, how to get staff excited!

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 Leading with Self-Care with Dr. Tom Golebiewski 


Leading with Self-Care with Tim Dohrer and Tom Golebiewski

Now more than ever, educators must take care of themselves to take care of students, to avoid burnout and a drain of talent. In this month’s EdTalk, Tim Dohrer sits down with veteran educator and social worker Dr. Tom Golebiewski to discuss self-care and why it's a crucial part of teaching and leadership in today’s schools. Dr. Golebiewski will also offer tips and tools on how to create a personal self-care plan.

Putting Humanity in Education with Michael Allen 


Putting Humanity in Education Michael Allen. Author of Brotherly Love 
The transition from remote to in-person work or learning isn't always easy. In this webinar, you'll learn how to help others regain focus and see how your school or district can build “disaster-resilient” staff and students. 

Participants will learn how to make sure that staff and students are “fully” present and ready to perform, in part by analyzing the connection between neuroscience and mindfulness. The course also introduces other holistic methods, including mindfulness, mentoring, vulnerability, and therapy.  

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Mathematize Your World with Meg Knapik 


Mathematize Your World: Using Community Exploration & Data Collection to Solve Real Problems with Meg Knapik 

Math is everywhere, but how do educators help students see the world through the lens of a mathematician? How do we help them solve real problems on local, regional, and global scales? Learn how inquiry-based learning in math sparks curiosity, spurs authentic data collection and community exploration, and empowers your students to take action to solve real problems! 

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