Staying Connected with Education News

Staying Connected with Education News

By Tim Dohrer

Staying Connected With Education News 

I am an avowed “education geek”. I love reading about any issue that impacts schools, teachers, students, and parents. I’ll even read drafts of legislation being proposed in the state capitol and I get all excited when a new 200 page report is issued by the Department of Education! Total. Education. Nerd.

 Given my line of work, it helps to stay current with education trends and research, as well as the “lived experience” of students and teachers and administrators. I also feel a responsibility to curate and share the most important of that information with teachers, not only to help keep them current but also to save them time. There are some people who have made a profession out of doing this for others but I’m not able to do that much yet.

For now, I thought I would share some of the email newsletters I get in my inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You should be able to do a search for any of these titles and find them so you can subscribe. A few have a subscription cost, but most are free! Happy reading!

  • ASCD SmartBrief – One of the best professional organizations for teachers and this summarizes what they are reading right now, plus promotes some of their books and publications.
  • ASCD K-12 Leadership SmartBrief – ASCD focus on administration and teacher leadership.
  • Chalkbeat – Both national and local, Chalkbeat is a small but excellent group of journalists covering schools.
  • Education Week – The number one news publication on schools and education.
  • EducationNext Weekly – Research and opinion journal and podcast that also publishes this eNewsletter. I don’t always agree with their views but they try to lean into research.
  • Edutopia Weekly – One of my favorite websites of examples of real teachers and students engaged in teaching and learning! Their eNewsletter provides latest updates to the site.
  • Kappan – Phi Delta Kappa’s journal is amazing and should be required reading for everyone.
  • K-12 Daily Dive – Summarizes latest news and research in short articles.
  • Politico Weekly Education – Another news source that has separate newsletters on education, local news, and national news.
  • The 74 – A non-profit, non-partisan news site covering all things education.

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