Teacher Leadership Magazine

Teacher Leadership Magazine

By Timothy Dohrer

An online magazine dedicated to teachers around the world who are leading in their classrooms, their schools, and their communities.

Leading from the classroom

Teacher leadership is an important element of what it means to be an educator. Every teacher exhibits the qualities of effective leadership when it comes to the role they play with a group of students. They greet their students with important knowledge, skills, and experiences, ready to lead this group of young people with empathy, intelligence, and role modeling. Classroom teachers also lead parents and families who are raising their children and interfacing with the school through the teacher. As important school leaders, teachers are members or chairs of committees, teams, departments, unions, and activities. And in the community, teachers represent the school, serve as volunteers of community organizations, and may live in the community of the school.

This magazine is a space for us to explore the thinking, stories, and experiences of teacher leaders. Here we will unearth important research about teacher leadership and the role it plays in school improvement and the lives of others. In the end, we hope it will illuminate the practices that lead us to be better colleagues and leaders in our schools.

Submissions can be sent directly to Tim Dohrer, Director of Teacher Leadership, at tdohrer@northwestern.edu

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