Learning and Organizational Change

Learning and Organizational Change

Students who are interested in such fields as management, consulting, change management, training, design of knowledge systems, and human resources in for-profit and notfor- profit organizations normally enter the learning and organizational change concentration.

LOC 211-0 Introduction to Organization Theory and Practice

Examines major organizational behavior theories and practices through organizational analysis.

LOC 213-0 Cognition in Context

Explores how thinking and learning are organized in everyday settings.

LOC 214-0 Culture and Cognition

Surveys research and theory on the interrelatedness of culture and thought.

LOC 306-0 Studies in Organizational Change

Examines theories and methods of organizational change through analysis of organizational adaptations; applies theories from learning sciences and organizational behavior.

LOC 310-0 Learning Organizations for Complex Environments

Major change factors, including technology, globalization, and demographics, and their impact on organizations; how organizations are creating and responding to these changes through organizational design, learning systems, and human resource changes.

LOC 311-0 Tools for Organizational Analysis

Understanding cause-and-effect relationships pertaining to organizational behavior and performance.

LOC 313-0 Learning and Thinking in Organizations

Examines how human learning and thinking can facilitate organizational growth and change through methods such as instructional design, modeling, and evaluation of learning outcomes.

LOC 346-0 Psychology of Technology and Instructional Design

Introduction to theory and practice in the development of technologies for formal and informal learning in the classroom, workplace, and everyday world.

LOC 351-0 Special Topics in Learning and Organizational Change

Advanced work on special topics.

LOC 391-0 Organizational Planning and Analysis

Culminating experience involving application of knowledge and skills to analyze real-world problems and solutions in learning and organizational change.

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