Opportunities Fund

Opportunities Fund

Do you want to start a special project, attend a conference, initiate community service or develop an extracurricular organization? The Undergraduate Opportunities Fund may be able to help you meet your goals.

The Undergraduate Opportunities Fund was established in 2009 through generous contributions from alumni and friends to support academic and community endeavors of School of Education and Social Policy undergraduate students.

 The fund provides support for SESP undergraduates’ special projects. The project might be an initiative under the direction of a faculty member or an individual endeavor of your own choosing. You may apply for support from the Opportunities Fund for items that support or advance your project. Examples include, but are not limited to, expenses associated with an academic conference, travel or some other endeavor or opportunity that is not research-related. Please note that funds are not for living expenses. An individual is eligible for one award during the course of his or her undergraduate career.

Student organizations are also eligible. The fund is intended to provide revenue to encourage innovation or service by groups with significant SESP membership by supporting a student organization that is getting off the ground or, if established, needs funding for a special initiative. The Fund is not intended to become a recurring revenue stream for programming.

If your project is research-oriented, consider applying for funding through the Hess Fund or for an undergraduate research grant.

Interested in Applying for the Opportunities Fund?

The School of Education and Social Policy will accept requests for support from the Opportunities Fund by the specified quarterly deadline. This deadline is the end of the sixth week of the quarter. If timing issues associated with a particular opportunity require off-cycle review, those applications will be considered separately; however, such requests must be submitted with as much advance notice as possible.

There is no specific form to fill out. SESP undergraduates interested in applying for funding should submit to assistant dean Susan Olson a letter and set of materials that includes the following:

  • Name, year, SESP program
  • Name of sponsoring faculty member(s) or organization adviser(s), if applicable
  • Project title and description (a summary of the work to be completed)
  • Indication of whether this work is part of a class or student organization
  • Calendar or timeline for the project
  • Budget and budget rationale (a statement indicating why the item proposed for funding is needed)
  • Contact information

In some cases, the following will be requested:

  • Statement of support from a sponsoring faculty member or adviser
  • Notification as to other sources of funding for which the student has applied for the same project/item

The School of Education and Social Policy will ask for additional information from applicants as needed, and students will be notified accordingly. Students should expect to provide additional information, such as the examples listed, when required.

Submit all questions and application materials to:

Susan Olson, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, susan-olson@northwestern.edu

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