Secondary Teaching

Secondary Teaching

Secondary Teaching

The Secondary Teaching program uses an interdisciplinary approach by combining course work from Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences (WCAS) in a chosen field — such as English, history or math — with School of Education and Social Policy courses on such topics as child and adolescent development, educational philosophy, and methods of instruction.

Real-World Practical Experience

All teacher candidates complete three practical experiences before graduating. The first is a 30-hour internship with a community organization that students complete while enrolled in the Schooling in Communities course. Recent sites have included Facing History, Youth Media, Boys' and Girls' Club of America and Dewey School of Evanston.

Usually in the fall term of senior year, students complete a 100-hour clinical observation at a junior high or high school in Chicago or along the North Shore. That placement is typically the site for student teaching, a full-time quarter-long experience in the winter of senior year.

The practicum and student teaching experiences may be in an urban or suburban school. Sites include public schools such as Senn, Mather, Lakeview, Stevenson and Maine East. Other sites are magnet schools such as Whitney Young.

Flexible Course Work

Secondary Teaching students take course work in three different areas. The state of Illinois, as well as most states, requires a liberal arts background for all teachers. Here at Northwestern, we meet most of those requirement through the distribution requirements. Additional required courses include two courses in written communication (WCAS freshman seminar courses fulfill these requirements), and an oral communication course such as public speaking or interpersonal communication.

The second area of academic work is in the subject the candidate plans to teach. Teacher candidates can choose to be certified in one of the following areas.

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