Student Resources

Student Resources

Student Resources

The SESP Student Handbook is a comprehensive guide to SESP policies, procedures, programs and much more. Your adviser and the Student Affairs Office team are available to help you further understand the contents and connect you with needed resources. You may contact your adviser with any questions. Please refer to the handbook that was published in your first year at Northwestern University to ensure that you are looking at the accurate undergraduate requirements:

** Please note that the handbook is bookmarked for ease of use, but you must download the document in order to view the bookmarks.

Use the forms and documents below for academic planning and guidance.

Resource Website

Undergraduate Academic Resource Portal

If you're a Northwestern student, you're a skilled learner — but that doesn't mean you never need help. The best learners are those who seek (and give) support when it's needed. Explore the Undergraduate Academic Resource Portal for these and other academic opportunities:

  • Study with peers
  • Find a tutor
  • Study smarter
  • Find academic guidance
  • Advice from fellow undergrads

Study Abroad

Courses Approved for SESP Concentrations

This document is intended to serve as a guide for how study abroad classes may be taken to count toward the SESP major, distros or electives. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and does not account for unaffiliated study abroad programs.

Course approval does not mean a course will automatically count. Students must always talk to their advisor about study abroad course selection and approval. Study abroad courses must be petitioned to count toward major requirements.

Study abroad courses intended to be counted toward a second major or minor must receive that respective department’s approval.

For students in Secondary Education, study abroad courses may be used to fulfill distros or as teaching concentration requirements, but no SA courses may be taken in place of licensure courses or experiences. Foreign Language courses need to be approved/assigned by the respective department. Students in other concentrations are encouraged to have the WCAS department approve a study abroad course so that it appears on the transcript with the department name rather than “SESP.” Since the Secondary Teaching program is for Illinois licensure, these guidelines must be followed.

Student Forms

Course Petition

Students may use the course petition form either to request to include a course in their concentration that is not on the approved course list or to direct courses taken domestically and abroad. Courses taken at another domestic institution must be approved by the appropriate department prior to the student enrolling in the course.

Practicum Planning

Students fill out the practicum planning form following the sophomore meeting. Juniors transferring from another school at Northwestern must fill out the form as part of their application to transfer.

Practicum Petition Form

Students may fill out the practicum petition form to request a change in their methods and/or practicum quarter. Requests will be accommodated based on space.

Graduation Petition for a Bachelor's Degree

Students must file a graduation petition one calendar year prior to their intended graduation date.

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