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The SESP Student Handbook is a comprehensive guide to SESP policies, procedures, programs and much more. Your adviser and the Student Affairs Office team are available to help you further understand the contents and connect you with needed resources. You may contact your adviser with any questions. Please refer to the handbook that was published in your first year at Northwestern University to ensure that you are looking at the accurate undergraduate requirements:

Use the forms and documents below for academic planning and guidance.

Resource Website

Undergraduate Academic Resource Portal

If you're a Northwestern student, you're a skilled learner — but that doesn't mean you never need help. The best learners are those who seek (and give) support when it's needed. Explore the Undergraduate Academic Resource Portal for these and other academic opportunities:

  • Study with peers
  • Find a tutor
  • Study smarter
  • Find academic guidance
  • Advice from fellow undergrads

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