Learning Sciences

Learning Sciences

PhD and Masters in Learning Sciences

Learning sciences advances understanding of the learning process and the design of innovative learning environments. This interdisciplinary, research-based field originated at Northwestern University, where the School of Education and Social Policy started the first learning sciences program in the world to help people develop the skills needed for an increasingly complex world.

PhD in Learning Sciences

Students become qualified as researchers, developers and practitioners who advance the scientific understanding and practice of teaching and learning.

PhD in Computer Science and Learning Sciences (CS+LS)

This program builds on enduring and growing connections between research on learning and computation.

Masters in Learning Sciences

Students learn to advance the understanding and practice of teaching and learning in formal and informal settings.

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Meet Our Learning Sciences Alumni

Alumni of the Learning Sciences program advance to leadership positions in academic, nonprofit and business organizations. Master's graduates work as educational designers, consultants, training providers and school technologists. PhD graduates excel as researchers with universities, government agencies and private firms.

See what our Learning Sciences PhD alumni are doing.


Stay current with the latest news from our Learning Sciences program.

Hasseler: SESP Experience 'Transformed My Life'

As president of Muskingum University, Susan Schneider Hasseler routinely draws on some of the life-changing experiences she had while pursuing her doctorate at Northwestern University's School of Education and Social Policy (SESP).

Rapp Discusses Role as Journal Editor

As editor-in-chief of the journal Discourse Processes, Northwestern University psychologist and learning scientist David Rapp works to offer readers “critically reviewed, contemporary research that pushes the boundaries of our understandings,” according to a recent interview.

Why Deliberative Democracy Makes Better Citizens

To create policies that reflect “the will of the people,” schools need to begin teaching how to engage in public deliberation, Northwestern University professor Matt Easterday wrote in “Why Deliberative Democracy Makes Better Citizens.”

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