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Certificate for Advanced Teaching in Education

Certificate of Advanced Study in Education

The Certificate of Advanced Study provides teachers with skills through a sequence of courses focused on advanced teaching topics:

  • Instructional Coaching
  • Next Generation Science Teaching
  • The Gifted
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Leadership through Service: A Case Study of Teacher Leadership Constructed through a Socially Conscious Curriculum
7/8/15 by Patrick DuffeyPatrick Duffey is concluding his course work as an MSEd student in the Teacher Leadership Program. He is an eighth-grade nonfiction literacy teacher at Perspectives Middle Academy, a charter school in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood of Chicago. This article focuses on Patrick's practicum work where he collaboratively developed an interdisciplinary unit across the entire school focused on a single social justice issue with the intent of empowering autonomous student leadership.   Posted in: Praxis: A Student Journal
Lead Differently
6/24/15 by Ryan Christopoulos

Ryan Christopoulos is currently an MSEd student in the Teacher Leadership Program. He is an 8th grade science teacher at Robert Frost Junior  High, part of Schaumburg School District 54. This article focuses on Ryan’s practicum work where he developed a collaborative teacher team around the school’s gifted population.

Posted in: Praxis: A Student Journal
Articles of Confederation Lesson
6/1/15 by Allie Niese

MSEd student Allie Niese designed this lesson on the Articles of Confederation for 12th-grade students in a US Government or Civics classroom. It is meant to be completed in one 50-minute class period.

Posted in: Lesson Plans

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