Fifth-Year Plan for Northwestern Undergraduates

Fifth-Year Plan for Northwestern Undergraduates

Northwestern Undergraduate Fifth Year Plan

As a Northwestern student, you may be able to take courses toward a master's degree and teaching certificate while you are still an undergraduate. The Master of Science in Education Program at Northwestern University is normally a 15-unit program, but with a little planning you may be able to reduce the length of the program to as few as 10 units by taking certain classes during your undergraduate years at Northwestern. The table below provides specific details on the five MSEd classes that may be waived if you take approved substitutes.

Admission and Illinois Certification Requirements

All regular admission requirements apply to Northwestern undergraduates; admission to the master's program is not guaranteed.

Candidates are encouraged to refer to the K-12 section of this website to learn more about the program. Please note that in addition to the core degree curriculum, specific content area certification requirements apply, depending on the subject that you wish to teach. You are strongly advised to review these certification requirements carefully — they are similar to, but not the same as, undergraduate major requirements. Content area courses required for certification may be taken either as an undergraduate or as a graduate student. Content area courses taken as a graduate student will be in addition to the core degree curriculum.

Possible undergraduate substitutions for MSEd courses
(5 course maximum)

This Undergraduate Course Fulfills This MSED Requirement
TEACH_ED 302 Social Contexts of Education MS_ED 402 Social Contexts of Education
  • SESP 201 Human Development: Childhood & Adolescence
  • Or
  • PSYCH 218 Developmental Psychology
MS_ED 405 Child and Adolescent Development
TEACH_ED 322 Content Area Reading and Writing MS_ED 422 Content Area Reading and Writing
TEACH_ED 324 Critical Issues in Literacy MS_ED 424 Critical Issues in Literacy (Secondary English)
  • TEACH_ED 327 Educating Exceptional Children
  • Or
  • CSD 336 Field Experience in Special Education
MS_ED 427 Educating Exceptional Children
TEACH_ED 313 Philosophy of Education MS_ED 413 Philosophy of Education (elective)
TEACH_ED 328 Dynamics of Middle School Curriculum MS_ED 428 Dynamics of Middle School Curriculum (required for Secondary Teaching, elective for Elementary Teaching)

By petition, you may count a 300-level (or higher) class that appears in The Graduate School course catalog if it is appropriate to the field of education or the subject area you wish to teach. The maximum number of classes that can be waived as part of the fifth-year plan is five.

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