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Northwestern Academy Moves Into New Home

Northwestern Academy Moves Into New Home

Northwestern Academy for Chicago Public Schools recently moved into a new state-of-the-art space in Chicago overlooking Lake Michigan. The design of the space was influenced by the students themselves.

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Two SESP Postdocs Honored for Outstanding Dissertations

Northwestern University postdoctoral fellows Kelly McMahon and Daniella Hall have received 2017 Outstanding Dissertation of the Year awards from the American Educational Research Association.

Schoenfeld Op-Ed: Prosecutors Escape Blame in Criminal Sentencing

As a sociologist of law who has spent the last decade studying criminal justice policy and incarceration growth in Florida, Northwestern University’s Heather Schoenfeld applauds legislators who support increasing public access to criminal justice data.

MSLOC Project Earns Provost's Fellowship

An innovative faculty project in the Master’s in Learning and Organizational Change (MSLOC) program has received a 2017-18 Digital Learning Fellowship from the Office of the Provost at Northwestern University. The Funding promotes innovation in learning and teaching via educational technology.

Northwestern Hosts Free Screening of ‘Beyond Measure’

A free public screening of Beyond Measure, a documentary that looks at schools on the cutting edge of education reform, will be held April 19 at Northwestern University.

Pacific Standard Cites Figlio’s Voucher Research

Private school vouchers have shown some modest positive effects, but the difference is not “Earth-shattering,” Northwestern University professor David Figlio said in the recent Pacific Standard article, “What Can Florida Teach Us About School Choice?”

Spillane Finds Teachers Benefit From Proximity

Teachers have long been portrayed as independent contractors, working alone and behind closed doors. But new Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy research suggests teachers may benefit from the chance encounters that stem from working near one another inside the school building.

Students Showcase Innovative Tech Learning Projects

Inspired by her love for Pokémon Go, Northwestern University graduate student Amalia Donovan designed and created an educational tool to help middle school gamers level up through the use of statistics.

Schanzenbach Coauthors Op-Ed, New Report On Data

The modern economy has never been more reliant on data. But discretionary budget cuts could dramatically affect federal data collection, costing the economy more money than it saves, according to Northwestern University Professor Diane Schanzenbach, director of the Hamilton Project and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Expanding the Evanston-Northwestern Education Partnership

Evanston’s educational research-practice partnership will expand thanks to $1 million in combined support from the Lewis-Sebring Family Foundation and the Spencer Foundation.

McQuillan Receives Presidential Fellowship

School of Education and Social Policy doctoral candidate Mollie McQuillan has received a 2017 Presidential Fellowship, the most prestigious award available to Northwestern University graduate students.