Student Resources

Use the forms and documents below for academic planning, and guidance. If you're unsure about which form to use, consult the SESP Student Handbook or your advisor.

Forms can also be completed via ipad in the student affairs office.

Note: registration forms such as dual registration, add/drop, domestic credit and withdrawl forms as well as research apprenticeship and honors thesis forms must still be filled out on paper in the SESP office.

Student Forms

Course Petition

Students may use the course petition form to either request to include a course in their concentration that is not on the approved course list or to direct courses taken domestically and abroad. Courses taken at another domestic institution must be approved by the appropriate department prior to the student enrolling in the course.

Practicum Planning

Students fill out the practicum planning form following the sophomore meeting. Juniors transferring from another school at Northwestern must fill out the form as part of their application to transfer.

Practicum Petition Form

Students may fill out the practicum petition form to request a change in their methods and/or practicum quarter. Requests will be accommodated based on space.

Graduation Petition for a Bachelor's Degree

Students must file a graduation petition one calendar year prior to their intended graduation date.

Student Documents