Teaching Certificate: The Science of Social and Emotional Learning

Teaching Certificate: The Science of Social and Emotional Learning

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Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is designed to teach life skills that help people learn, engage with others, and lead a healthy, successful, and happy life. These competencies include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship-building, and decision-making.

The Teaching Certificate: The Science of Social and Emotional Learning from Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy explores the scientific research and impact of SEL. With a focus on emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills in the context of teaching, this online short course will help you to plan effective classroom experiences, and share your insights with other educators at your school or institution. Over six weeks, you’ll gain an in-depth overview of equity and inclusivity as key concepts of SEL, and learn how to harness SEL to promote well-being, relationship-building, and improved social awareness in your own life, and in your teaching.

Who Should Attend

This course is relevant to current or aspiring teachers, educational providers, professors, lecturers, researchers, and academic staff at any level. Those looking to supplement their existing knowledge with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) tools will gain key skills that they can immediately use. The course is also beneficial for anyone who evaluates teachers in relation to SEL. While this course is available to anyone with an interest in education, it is particularly useful to teachers at the PreK-12 and PreK-16 levels.

Key Benefits

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the key concepts of SEL, from an equitable and trauma-informed perspective.
  • Understand how SEL mitigates the effects of stress, anxiety, and trauma while promoting well-being, relationship-building, and improved social awareness.
  • Use SEL techniques to enhance the teaching and learning experience of your classroom practices.
  • Develop a plan for implementing SEL within your current educational context.

Course Content

  • Orientation Module Welcome to Your Online Campus
  • Module 1 Introducing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Module 2 Stress, Anxiety, and Trauma
  • Module 3 Self-Awareness and Self-Management
  • Module 4 Social Awareness and Relationship-Building
  • Module 5 Decision-Making
  • Module 6 SEL in Every Classroom: Every Lesson, Every Day


Academic Director

With a career spanning more than 25 years, Timothy Dohrer’s current areas of research include Social and Emotional Learning, teacher education, teacher leadership, curriculum and instruction, assessment, literacy, and school climates. Before taking his place as director of the Master of Science in Education program at Northwestern University, Dohrer was the principal of New Trier Township High School in Illinois, where he led one of the largest and most successful schools in the country — supervising a staff of 450 employees and a student population of 3,100. Previously, he worked as a teacher in middle school, high school, and college, educating students in rural, urban, and suburban settings.

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