Academic Advisers

Academic Advisers

Shelena Johnson, Jasmine Tucker, Ken Powers, Caitlin Burnett, Nathan Frideres, Meg Kreuser, Susan Olsen

Caitlin Burnett

Burnett, Caitlin

Senior Academic Adviser


  • MS, Higher Education Administration and Policy, Northwestern University
  • BS, Journalism, Northwestern University
Nathan Frideres

Frideres, Nathan

Senior Practicum Adviser

Coordinator, Civic Engagement Certificate Program


  • MA, Student Development in Postsecondary Education, University of Iowa
  • BA, Elementary Education, University of Iowa
Shelena Johnson

Johnson, Shelena

Senior Academic Adviser


  • MAT, Urban Teacher Education Program,, The University of Chicago, 2012
  • BS, Human Services, Loyola University Chicago, 2010
  • BA, Sociology, Loyola University Chicago, 2010
Meg Kreuser

Kreuser, Meg

Manager, Teacher Certification and Licensure

Academic Adviser


  • BA, English - Secondary Education, Indiana State University
Regina Logan

Logan, Regina

Assistant Professor of Instruction and Adviser


  • MA, French Language and Literature, University of Wisconsin, 1971
  • AB, French Language and Literature, University of Michigan, 1970
  • PhD, Human Development and Social Policy, Northwestern University, 1993
  • MA, Teaching & Learning Processes, Northwestern University, 1984

Research Interests

Stability and change over time in adulthood, especially during midlfe and beyond: wisdom, regret and life themes; gender differences in these areas.

Susan Olson

Olson, Susan

Assistant Dean, Student Affairs


  • MA, College Student Personnel, University of Maryland - College Park
  • AB, Albion College, Speech Communication
Ken Powers

Powers, Ken

Senior Academic Adviser


  • BS in Social Policy, School of Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University
  • Master's in Public Policy (MPP), American University
Jasmine Tucker

Tucker, Jasmine

Program Coordinator


  • M.A. Cultural and Educational Policy, Loyola University Chicago, 2015
  • B.A. Sociology , Howard University, 2013

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