Human Development and Psychological Services Courses

Human Development and Psychological Services Courses

The human development and psychological services concentration explores how human development is influenced by family, schools, community, and the workplace.

HDPS 201-0 Introduction to Psychological Services

Overview of professional degrees, sites, and various populations in psychological services. Introduction to the most common mental disorders and counseling fundamentals used in clinical mental health careers.

HDPS 222-0 Career Development: Theory and Counseling

The career-development process and its relation to the world of work. Discussion of career-development theories. Focus on self-assessment; decision-making and job-seeking skills; and educational, occupational, and community information.

HDPS 301-0 Introduction to Counseling

Overview of counseling theories, techniques, client systems, and service settings.

HDPS 305-0 Identity and Motivation

Examines the connection between conceptions of the self and goal-oriented motivation, with particular attention to the influence of social, structural, and cultural forces.

HDPS 306-0 Developmental Psychopathology

Study of models of risk and resilience, developmental pathways, and the transactional model of development.

HDPS 341-0 Building Loving and Lasting Relationships: Marriage 101

The intricacies and problems of close, committed, interpersonal relationships, especially marriage. Open to first-year students.

HDPS 351-0 Special Topics in Human Development and Psychological Services

Advanced work on special topics.

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