Learning and Organizational Change

Learning and Organizational Change

Learning and Organizational Change

The Learning and Organizational Change (LOC) program explores how organizations and the individuals within them use knowledge and learning to create and respond to change within their environments. LOC addresses the forces of change including technology, globalization, and changing demographics, and the theories and applications of learning, innovation, and knowledge sharing. The interdisciplinary program draws upon current research in the field of learning sciences and organization behavior. It also draws on the disciplines of economics, anthropology, psychology, sociology and computer science to give students robust lenses with which to view, understand and influence change.

Real-World Practical Experience

All LOC students complete a one-quarter internship for academic credit during their junior year, during which they put into practice the skills and knowledge introduced in the classroom. The experience also includes conducting social science research. The program is offered year-round in Chicago and during the summer in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Click here for more information about SESP undergraduate practicums.

Recent practicum sites have included the following:

  • Baxter Healthcare Corporation
  • Huron Consulting Group
  • Sara Lee Corporation
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Flexible Course Work

In addition to core courses in life span development, research and statistics, students have the flexibility to tailor the program to their own interests. Many students choose to specialize, double major or minor while maintaining LOC as their primary focus. Classes typically encourage team projects, presentations, frequent discussions and reflection.

Many courses include working for actual clients on real-world organizational problems. Students have the opportunity to bring their LOC knowledge to bear on defining the problem, designing a solution, implementing and testing ideas, and evaluating the results. Clients represent a diverse array of corporations, non-profit organizations and schools in the Chicago community.

Many undergraduate students also choose to participate in research projects with faculty in the School of Education and Social Policy. Members of faculty conduct research in a variety of topics ranging from the distribution of leadership to the structural and cultural characteristics of knowledge sharing organizations.

Concentration course work addresses topics such as these:

  • learning theory
  • organizational theory
  • education in work
  • adult development
  • organizational change

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Curriculum and Handbook

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