Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

PhD and Masters in Learning Sciences


  • LRN_SCI 403: Foundations of the Learning Sciences


  • LRN_SCI 401: Knowledge Representation for the Learning Sciences

Sociocultural Context

  • LRN_SCI 402: Social Dimensions of Teaching and Learning


  • LRN_SCI 425: Introduction to Design for the Learning Sciences

And TWO of the following:

  • LRN_SCI 426: Design of Technological Tools for Thinking and Learning

  • LRN_SCI 429: Design of Learning Environments

  • EECS 430: Design of Interactive Learning Environments

  • EECS 472: Designing and Constructing Models With Multi-Agent Languages

Other appropriate courses may be used to satisfy this requirement by approval of the student's advisor and the Program Coordinator.



LRN_SCI 415: Field Methods (Qualitative Methods 1)

LRN_SCI 416: Advanced Qualitative Methods (Qualitative Methods 2)


LRN_SCI 451: Quantitative Methods 1

LRN_SCI 451: Quantitative Methods 2

• Alternatively, students may take the following quantitative courses:




Other quantitative stats sequences in other departments may satisfy the quantitative requirement, but need to be cleared with the Program Coordinator. All methods courses must be taken in the sequence in which they are listed.

Seminars and Other Non-Required Courses

Five seminars are required across years 2 and 3. Any non-required LS course and any graduate-level course in other departments can be used to fulfill the seminar requirement.

Teaching Requirement

To support their professional development, all LS PhD students are required to serve as a teaching assistant (TA) for at least two courses during their graduate career. As part of this apprenticeship, students should expect to be involved in all aspects of the planning, management and assessment in collaboration with the professor. In their second teaching assistantship, students can expect to be responsible for teaching at least one class session or week of the course.

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