Why Do You Want to Be a Teacher?

Why Do You Want to Be a Teacher?

By MSEd Program

This week, we asked our MSEd students one question: Why do you want to be a teacher? Here are some of their answers.

"I teach because I believe education is a human right." -- Margot Taylor (Elementary Teaching)

"Because you don't have to change the world to make a difference. You just have to change one world at a time." -- Laura Stoughton (Secondary Biology)

"I want to teach because teaching is impactful. Everyone can remember a teacher who shaped his or her life, and I think it is a privilege to have a job in which you have the opportunity to so meaningfully influence a person's present and future." -- Lynn Lyster (Secondary English)

"To help young people realize their potential and develop into confident adults who will use their talents to make the world a better place." -- Anonymous

"I want to make a difference in the lives of my students. It is about the personal connection I will make with my students that will help them grow as individuals. Anyone can stand up at the front of the room and explain math, but I also want to help them become the best students they can be." -- Anthony Woldeit (Secondary Math)

"To train the future leaders of the revolution." -- Kaaz Naqvi (Secondary History)

"Because it's awesome to see your student's light bulb turn on!" -- Stephanie Fang (Secondary Economics)

"I want to inspire and personally impact students. I hope to kindle their natural curiosity about the world around them and to make them eager to do what they can to make it a better place in which to live. The world needs voters who can think critically and take scientific issues into consideration as they examine candidates, as well as able scientists and engineers who are driven to serve others. That is why I'm here." -- Dan Voss (Secondary Physics)

"I want to help them become who they want to be." -- Erin Donohoe (Secondary English)

"Because it's fun! But also because we will be measured by how we aid and foster the future. In this, the teacher is the primary actor." -- Charles Stone (Secondary History)

"I teach Special Education because I believe in learning and the power that comes with it. I feel good knowing that my work promotes a young student's image of themselves as a learner. This is foundational to success for students to become college and career ready. We all learn when we are open to the teaching that is happening all around us. My job is to find ways to facilitate learning that caters to each child's possibilities and opens their eyes to themselves." -- Sabrina Hoeper (current Special Education teacher; Teacher Leadership: Gifted)

"It's all about the students." -- Shao Guo (Secondary Math)

"I celebrate learning and character; both are essential to teaching." -- Jesse Clifton (Secondary History)

"Because I have a passion for my subject! I really believe studying it helps students grow, both personally and intellectually. I want to use my subject to mentor students, foster character development, and prepare them for what the future brings." -- Lindy Knight (Secondary Latin)

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