Graduate Assistant Spotlight: Andrew Hitzhusen

Graduate Assistant Spotlight: Andrew Hitzhusen

By Andrew Hitzhusen

Hello Wonderful People! 

I’m Andrew Hitzhusen, Preservice Secondary History Teacher, Student Teacher at Jones College Prep, and returning Graduate Assistant in the 2019-2020 year. All things going according to plan, I’ll actually be a two-time Northwestern Alum, having graduated from the NU School of Communication with degrees in History and Theatre. I’ve dabbled in acting and directing since I was in grade school and have always loved hearing and telling stories. This passion for narrative brought me to NU’s acting program and eventually led me to History, and later Teaching.  I believe that History as a discipline is all about how we tell stories. And teaching History is the process of teaching students to tell stories—both of the past and of their own lives. After graduating in 2016, I served two years with CityYear Chicago as a teaching assistant, small group instructor, coach and mentor, and advocate for students at Gage Park High School. I knew after I finished there that I wanted to spend my career working with, and being a champion for, students.   

When I’m not answering emails at the office or doing homework, you can find me laughing at YouTube videos on the El platform on my way to my apartment in the city, tinkering with my cold brew coffee recipe, or sending pictures of my cat Leo to my exasperated friends. Come say hi either in Annenberg or at the office sometime.

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