Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

You Belong Here: Building a Supportive Classroom Environment in a Post-Pandemic World

8/14/23 by Erin Swank

This unit is designed to cover the first five weeks of school for a 7th-grade English class.

Prepared by Alumna Erin Swank (M.S. Ed, Class of 2021).

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You Get Paid What? A Middle School Math Equity Lesson

4/1/23 by Michelle Everly

 A middle school math lesson plan with a focus on equity.

Prepared by Alumna Michelle Everly (M.S. Ed, Class of 2022).

Posted in celebration of Math Awareness Month 2023.

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Articles of Confederation Lesson

6/1/15 by Allie Niese

MSEd student Allie Niese designed this lesson on the Articles of Confederation for 12th-grade students in a US government or civics classroom. It is meant to be completed in one 50-minute class period.

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Lunar and Solar Eclipse Introductory Lesson

5/11/15 by Jonathan Ropiequet

MSEd student Jonathan Ropiequet created this lesson plan for third-grade students. The learning goals for this lesson are for students to learn to formulate questions based on a science topic, collect data based on observations of images and models, and report and display group findings to the class. 

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Personal Artifact Lesson: Santo Domingo Jewelry

4/9/15 by Jonathan Ropiequet

Jonathan Ropiequet, current MSEd student, designed this lesson plan for third grade students as an opportunity to bring a piece of his own personal history into the classroom. Through this lesson, students are also exposed to technology, geography, history, reading, writing, and art together in a dynamic and entertaining way. 

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Atomic Structure: Before, During, After Activities

8/26/14 by Eric Garay

Master of Science in Education student Eric Garay offers a lesson plan for a "people search" as a before-reading activity for a chemistry textbook chapter on atomic structure. He maintains that this activity encourages students to activate and make connections to any prior knowledge they may have on the topic. It also provides social and physical engagement.

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