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Objective Grace: A Practical Guide

3/24/21 by Jim Davis

Leaders – everyone within an organization, for that matter – will want to incorporate Objective Grace. It is connected to empathy. It is essential for complex problem solving. And once you get good at it, it makes day-to-day interactions feel a whole lot better.

If Columbus had SEL-ed in 1492 would we still be blue in 2022?

3/31/21 by Asima Bhatty

While we set sail some years ago towards a journey of understanding and implementing SEL (social emotional learning), we have more S-E-L (studying, educating and learning) of SEL to navigate and explore.

A Gaggle of Geese: A Guide to Gallant Leaders

2/20/23 by Asima Bhatty

While leadership posters often boast a majestic picture of the bald eagle, the type of leadership that is more successful is not the watchful eye of a solitary eagle, rather the community of a gaggle of geese. Ironically, although many school mascots are an eagle, the type of school leadership that is truly effective has the spirit of a flock of flying geese.

SEL is Critical for Success, So Why Are We So Critical About It?

2/7/23 by Asima Bhatty

The fact is that social emotional awareness and competence is not simply an inherent trait. It is knowledge that needs to be taught, acquired, and practiced to achieve success not only on an academic and professional basis, but also in our personal relationships. How can we expect students to learn to manage their emotions, be emotionally intelligent, and problem solve in an appropriate manner when we are not explicitly teaching these skills as a collective community?

Practical Mindfulness: Awareness and Attention in Leadership

1/26/23 by James Davis Ed.M., MA

Life is hard. It is complicated, capricious, biased and fickle. At least that is how it can feel. It is also a beautiful and magnificent opportunity… often for those same reasons.


Practical Empathy: False Consensus

10/13/22 by Jim Davis Ed.M., MA

True leaders create a vision, pick a direction, then align the motives and needs of their team toward a shared purpose. Alignment with another’s motives and needs takes empathy. In a previous article, we made the case that empathy is essential to effective leadership.

Leaders: Are you being disrespected?

8/19/22 by Jim Davis Ed.M., MA

Are you being disrespected? Maybe. But maybe not. Better to show patience and suss out the truth than assume malintent. Time to stay curious...

Practical Empathy

6/15/22 by Jim Davis Ed.M., MA

Empathy is essential to strong leadership. It is similar to “perspective-taking” and has become nearly synonymous with “care”. A leader who lacks empathy, it is suggested, cannot lead well… at least not for long (McKee et al, 2017; Reiss, 2017).

The Real Reason to Teach SEL Skills

5/5/22 by Timothy Dohrer

By teaching social and emotional skills, schools and families are building the skills necessary for success in school, work, and life. These are the building blocks upon which ALL other learning rests! 

Leading Well Depends on the Wellness of the Leader

4/27/22 by James Davis, Ed.M., MA

Leadership depends on the wellness of the leader. Prioritizing wellness is not always easy, but it will always be worth it.

What is Teacher Leadership?

4/15/22 by Timothy Dohrer

Quite often, I end up explaining teacher leadership through what it is NOT, rather than what it IS.

Staying Connected with Education News

1/12/22 by Tim Dohrer

I am an avowed “education geek”. I love reading about any issue that impacts schools, teachers, students, and parents. I’ll even read drafts of legislation being proposed in the state capitol and I get all excited when a new 200 page report is issued by the Department of Education! Total. Education. Nerd.

The Role of School Leaders in Sleep and Student Wellness

1/4/22 by Jim Davis Ed.M., MA

Have you ever felt “hangry” or experienced the legendary “runner’s high” after a good workout? A growing body of research aligns affect with physiological states.

The Call for Compassionate Discipline

11/2/21 by Jim Davis Ed.M., MA

Though the concepts might seem paradoxical, it is clear that both compassion and discipline are needed to get systems of education back on track.


Teachers Believe in SEL

10/1/21 by Timothy Dohrer

A new study reports that more teaches than ever are implementing SEL programming and belive it can improve student lives and learning. But is belief enough?

The Anti-Racist Professional Learning Community

8/11/21 by Virginia Nguyen and Stacy Yung

Teacher Leaders Virginia Nguyen and Stacy Yung share how to integrate anti-racist pedagogy into your Professional Learning Communities ahead of their two part online workshop on Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) culture, history, and resources in your classroom. Register for the workshops here:

Why Summer Institutes? An Interview with Tim Dohrer

5/12/21 by MSEd Graduate Assistants

We sat down with Timothy Dohrer, Director of the Teacher Leadership Program, to learn more about Summer Institutes at Northwestern University.

Developing Teachers as Mentors in New Teacher Induction

4/29/21 by Timothy Dohrer

New teacher induction has become more popular across the United States and is proving to be effective in reducing teacher turnover. Schools need to become better at training teachers as Mentors through high-quality professional learning and a focus on instructional coaching.

Leading from the Front of the Classroom

3/31/21 by Timothy Dohrer

A few years ago, I was lucky to be invited to a summit on teacher leadership set up by the Department of Education and a number of educational organizations.

Teacher Leadership Magazine

3/31/21 by Timothy Dohrer

Teacher leadership is an important element of what it means to be an educator. Every teacher exhibits the qualities of effective leadership when it comes to the role they play with a group of students.

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