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The Call for Compassionate Discipline

11/2/21 by Jim Davis Ed.M., MA

Though the concepts might seem paradoxical, it is clear that both compassion and discipline are needed to get systems of education back on track.

Students need support. Rates of anxiety and depression have taken a dramatic upturn since the winter of 2020. Many students are still trying to find their footing, develop routines, and return to some sense of “normal”.

Without a firm sense of normal, some students are acting out. Educators report experiencing a “new kind of frustration” caused by “severe lack or focus” and “[lack of] respect” for teachers and school. School discipline is changing and teachers report feeling “disappointed,” since so many of their challenges are driven by the desire to “adjust for students who don’t seem to care.”

Teachers Believe in SEL

10/1/21 by Timothy Dohrer

A new study reports that more teaches than ever are implementing SEL programming and belive it can improve student lives and learning. But is belief enough?

The Anti-Racist Professional Learning Community

8/11/21 by Virginia Nguyen and Stacy Yung

Teacher Leaders Virginia Nguyen and Stacy Yung share how to integrate anti-racist pedagogy into your Professional Learning Communities ahead of their two part online workshop on Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) culture, history, and resources in your classroom. Register for the workshops here:

Why Summer Institutes? An Interview with Tim Dohrer

5/12/21 by MSEd Graduate Assistants

We sat down with Timothy Dohrer, Director of the Teacher Leadership Program, to learn more about Summer Institutes at Northwestern University.

Developing Teachers as Mentors in New Teacher Induction

4/29/21 by Timothy Dohrer

New teacher induction has become more popular across the United States and is proving to be effective in reducing teacher turnover. Schools need to become better at training teachers as Mentors through high-quality professional learning and a focus on instructional coaching.

Leading from the Front of the Classroom

3/31/21 by Timothy Dohrer

A few years ago, I was lucky to be invited to a summit on teacher leadership set up by the Department of Education and a number of educational organizations.

Teacher Leadership Magazine

3/31/21 by Timothy Dohrer

Teacher leadership is an important element of what it means to be an educator. Every teacher exhibits the qualities of effective leadership when it comes to the role they play with a group of students.

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