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Wilensky, Horn Awarded NSF Grant for Computational Thinking Research

Northwestern University professors Uri Wilensky and Mike Horn have received a $2.6 million National Science Foundation grant to help students improve their computational thinking skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and to explore how a computer-oriented approach to problem-solving impacts science education.

What Do Test Scores Miss? Plenty Says New Study

Test scores alone can’t identify the teachers who have the biggest impact on students, according to a new study by Northwestern University labor economist Kirabo Jackson.

Vossoughi Stresses Educational Equity at STEM Summit

The School of Education and Social Policy’s Shirin Vossoughi challenged common ways of thinking about diversity in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields and maker spaces during her keynote speech at the 9th annual STEM Summit at Northwestern University.

SESP Faculty Hailed for Prestigious Awards

SESP professors make up just two percent of Northwestern faculty, but they represented more than five percent of those recognized by a distinguished University-wide panel during the 31st Annual Faculty Recognition Dinner.

Research Alliance Receives $6 Million in Funding

Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy (SESP) has secured more than $6 million in funding for the Northwestern Evanston Education Research Alliance and research in Evanston School Districts 65 and 202.

Researchers Adapt Minecraft to Teach Spatial Reasoning

School of Education and Social Policy faculty members Marcelo Worsley and David Uttal have received a $750,000 National Science Foundation grant to create a multimodal platform based on the popular Minecraft video game, an effort designed to help elementary and middle school students develop spatial reasoning and computational thinking skills.

Wilensky Honored For NetLogo, Social Simulation Work

Northwestern University Professor Uri Wilensky, who created the agent-based modeling language NetLogo, has received the 2018 Rosaria Conte Outstanding Contribution to Social Simulation Award from the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA).

Baxter Center for Science Education Expands to Northern Illinois

Middle and high school educators are bringing cutting-edge life science training to classrooms in northern Illinois as part of an expansion of the Baxter Center for Science Education (BCSE).

SESP in the Media: October 2018

An ongoing, monthly roundup of appearances in the news media by School of Education and Social Policy faculty, researchers, and our community.

Do Children Benefit From Ability Grouping?

Saiying Steenbergen-Hu, a research assistant professor at Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development (CTD), received a $50,000 Spencer Foundation grant to investigate the effects of ability grouping on children and adolescents’ academic development and emotional well-being.