Assistant Coordinator 2- CTD

Assistant Coordinator 2- CTD

Job Description

This position is responsible for supporting the administration of an educational program, with significant responsibility for day-to-day operations. This position will primarily be assigned to support academic programs for advanced elementary and secondary learners, including managing program logistics, guiding development of appropriate curriculum, providing instructional leadership, supporting outreach to schools and families, and staff recruitment.

The primary assignment may shift based on program needs.

Please note: Position involves a M-F business day schedule plus the following requirements. During the six weeks of the summer program, the position requires 24/7-on-call availability, weekend work, and extended work-day hours.  The summer programs are based on Northwestern’s Evanston campus. Position requires periodic/occasional attendance at off-hours meetings, conferences, and events, as well as travel.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Program Development, Support, and Planning: Assists the program coordinator and senior administration in the Center, as needed, in developing shorthand long-term plans for the program and the Center allowing the Center to further its mission.
  • Personnel Management and Training: Provides ongoing support to the management and direction of temporary program staff assuring that programs are staffed with qualified individuals. Coordinates, as assigned, recruiting, hiring, and training program staff. May include supervision.  Staff includes, as applicable, administrative support staff, teachers, counselors, researchers and assistants.
  • Client Services: Provides customer support and maintains good relations with all people and groups associated with the program and the Center assuring a positive representation of the Center. Includes, for example, parents, school representatives, and liaisons. Responds in a timely and  professional manner to inquiries related to the program and the Center from internal external university sources.
  • Resources (Non-Personnel): Works with coordinator to procure resources assuring that programs run smoothly and meet customer expectations.  Resources may include classrooms and other facilities, books, supplies, and materials for the program.
  • Outreach Promotion: Promotes the program and the Center through outreach and development efforts assuring the program meets enrollment goals. Participates in outreach planning and activities which may include manning booths at conferences and fairs and giving presentations. Coordinates, as directed by the program coordinator or outreach coordinator, the development and distribution of promotional materials.
  • Recordkeeping Data Management Systems: Supports and manages recordkeeping for the program assuring accurate data are readily available. This includes student files, teacher evaluations, etc., and involves electronic databases, the web, and paper files.
  • Reports Analysis: Compiles data to generate reports and analyses to support projects in the Center. Examples would include historical enrollment data, future enrollment projections, problem diagnosis, thus assuring support for proposals for future program development or growth.
  • Participation: Attends and prepares for meetings related to the program and the Center to develop skills of self and staff. This includes, for example, internal CTD meetings, advisory boards, outside groups, and special committees.
  • Budget Finance: Complies with budget performance goals as set by Assistant Director to assure proper procedures are followed.
  • Self-Development: Engages in professional-development to further own skills and learning; develops and pursues an annual plan with goals for development, including, for example, technical and administrative skills, pursuit of interest in the field of gifted education, or pursuit of advanced degree.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree.
  • 2-3 years work experience in an education setting or service agency; examples include schools, community service or outreach centers, psych or social services setting, or colleges universities.
  • Demonstrated experience working with a clientele similar to CTD's: children, parents, teachers.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master's degree. Preferred fields of study, at undergraduate and graduate level, include education, psychology, and child and adolescent development.
  • Interest in gifted education: has demonstrated or expresses an interest in learning about the field, by reading, attending conferences, making presentations, etc.


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