Project Coordinator Talent 2 (Center for Talent Development)

Project Coordinator Talent 2 (Center for Talent Development)

The Project Coordinator manages planning, implementation, and day-to-day operations of a program in CTD. Responsibilities include program promotion, student recruitment, personnel management, etc. Primarily assigned to a particular program programs. These programs include the Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS), various Summer Programs, the Weekend Enrichment Program, Gifted Learning Links (GLL), and the Civic Education Program. Primary assignment may shift based on program needs.

Please note: Position schedule varies throughout the year. SEP personnel work 22 Saturdays during the academic year, with a day off during the week to compensate. When the program is not in session, the schedule is a M-F business day schedule. Position requires periodic occasional attendance at off-hours meetings, conferences, and events, as well as travel. During summer camps typically no vacation is allowed.

Specific Responsibilities:

Program Development, Support, and Planning:

  • Works with Associate Director(s) to design and implement innovative programs that further the mission of the Center.
  • Understands and knows how to implement CTD's mission in the context of the program assigned.
  • Supports the goals of the organization, its objectives and vision.
  • Works with the Associate Director to develop short- and long-term plans for the program.

Personnel Management and Training:

  • Supervises program staff, including assistant coordinators, program assistants, and temporary staff.
  • Demonstrates good leadership: directs and supports staff in individual and team efforts, promoting a healthy and positive work environment. Leads by example. Directs the hiring and management of temporary program staff assuring that programs are staffed with qualified individuals.
  • Recruits, hires, and trains temporary staff, including, as applicable: administrative support staff, liaisons, teachers, counselors, residential and teaching assistants, and testers. Develops and maintains up-to-date training materials for teachers, teaching assistants, and other staff in the program.
  • Designs in-person as well as online virtual training sessions, assuring staff are prepared to address the concerns of students, parents, teachers and staff under their supervision, and that they are equipped for their duties having been informed about required policies and procedures, as well as best practices in gifted education.

Recruiting Admissions:

  • Directs the recruitment of students, including application process, admissions, and financial aid fee waivers assuring program meets enrollment goals. Using established program criteria evaluates applications for admission and makes admission decisions.
  • Also uses established criteria to evaluate requests for financial aid fee waivers and makes awards.

Client Services:

  • Directs the provision of customer support and maintains good relations with all people and groups associated with the program and the Center assuring a positive representation of the Center.
  • Includes, for example, parents, school district personnel, and liaisons, state directors of gifted education, testing agency representatives, and partner institutions.
  • Responds in a timely and professional manner to inquiries related to the program and the Center from internal external university sources. Is client-focused: Understands the Center's and program's clients Recognizes the value the client adds to accomplishing the goals of the Center and the program.

Resources (Non-Personnel):

  • Directs the work of assistant coordinators to procure resources assuring that programs run smoothly and meet customer expectations.
  • Resources may include classrooms and other facilities, books, supplies, and materials for the program.

Outreach Promotion:

  • Promotes the program and the Center through outreach and development efforts assuring the program meets enrollment goals.
  • Participates in outreach planning and activities which may include manning booths at conferences and fairs and giving presentations.
  • Works with CTD's marketing and outreach staff, to develop and distribute promotional materials.


  • Represents the Center in collaborating with other institutions or agencies, including but not limited to universities, schools, school districts, state and community agencies as well as testing agencies.
  • Identifies opportunities to develop joint programs and or to access space for hosting off-site satellite programs.
  • Cultivates and maintains relationships with liaisons to advance the smooth execution of programs.

Recordkeeping Data Management Systems:

  • Manages recordkeeping for the program assuring accurate data are readily available.
  • This includes student files, teacher evaluations, etc., and involves electronic databases, the web, and paper files.
  • Participates in planning an execution of efforts to update, refine and improve data management systems and tools.

Reports Analysis:

  • Conducts analyses and generates reports to support projects in the Center.
  • Uses available data and proposes new data collection methods strategies as needed. Makes recommendations to Associate Director based on reliable data, making critical assessments about trends and program needs.
  • Examples of reports analyses include historical enrollment data, enrollment trends allowing for future enrollment projections, growth areas, problem diagnosis, etc.; thus assuring support for proposals for future program development or growth.


  • Calls and directs meetings of program staff; setting agenda, presentation requirements, deadlines, etc.
  • Attends and prepares for other meetings related to the program and the Center, including those focused on developing skills of self and staff.
  • This includes, for example, internal CTD meetings, advisory boards, outside groups, training and development opportunities, and special committees.
  • Participates, as requested directed, in the preparation of grant proposals or production of fundraising requests materials when alternative (non-fee) sources of support are sought for CTD programs, scholarships, or other initiatives.
  • Participates in the accreditation or other institutional review process, including preparing reports and for site visits.

Budget Finance:

  • Directs the program to meet budget performance goals set by Associate Director and assures proper procedures are followed by program staff.
  • Meets regularly with Associate Director to report on progress toward program financial goals.
  • Monitors program revenue and expense, reconciling NU financial system reports with internal CTD systems recording enrollments and tuition, financial aid, etc.


  • Engages in professional development to further own skills and learning; develops and pursues an annual plan with goals for development, including, for example, technical and administrative skills, pursuit of interest in the field of gifted education, or pursuit of advanced degree.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Masters degree in education, including gifted education, curriculum and instruction, school leadership; with additional coursework or background in psychology and or child and adolescent development.
  • 7+ years work experience in an educational setting or service agency; examples include schools, community service or outreach centers, psych or social services setting, or college’s universities.
  • Demonstrated supervisory experience; 5-7+ years including experience supervising professionals, including administrators and or teachers.
  • Demonstrated experience working with a clientele similar to CTD's: children, parents, and teachers.
  • Experience in curriculum and teacher development.
  • Interest in gifted education: has demonstrated or expresses an interest in learning about the field, by reading, attending conferences, making presentations, etc.
  • Experience developing, monitoring and adhering to a budget

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience administering a tuition or fee generating program, demonstrating accountability for the reconciliation of student or other financial accounts.
  • Experience supervising staff charged with recordkeeping and or financial functions.
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