Degree Programs

PhD Programs

PhD in Learning Sciences

The Learning Sciences degree program now includes the Joint PhD Program in Computer Science and Learning Sciences which builds on enduring and growing connections between research on learning and computation.

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PhD in Human Development and Social Policy

The Human Development and Social Policy (HDSP) doctoral program is grounded in the study of relations between public policy and human development.

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Master's Programs

Master of Science in Learning and Organizational Change

We equip leaders with the vision, knowledge, and skills to facilitate sustainable, positive organizational transformation.

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Master of Science in Education

Our vision of transformative teaching and learning aspires to develop educators who can nurture the learning of all their students through valuing the multiple knowledges, identities, and experiences.

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Master of Science in Higher Education Administration and Policy

The Master of Science in Higher Education Administration and Policy program (MSHE) prepares you to lead in higher education—for colleges and universities, governmental agencies and consulting firms in postsecondary education.

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Dual Master’s Degree in Applied Economics (CUHK) and Social and Economic Policy (Northwestern)

With interdisciplinary expertise and international experience, Dual Masters in Applied Economics (CUHK) and Social and Economic Policy (Northwestern) graduates are uniquely positioned to become leaders in their professions.

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Multidisciplinary Program in Education Sciences (Doctoral Training Program)

MPES offers Ph.D. students an integrated training in preparation to do rigorous and relevant research in education.

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Undergraduate Programs

Human Development in Context

Students investigate how families, schools, communities and the workplace influence human development.

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Learning and Organizational Change

This program examines how individuals and organizations respond to and create change.

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Learning Sciences

Learning Sciences is an interdisciplinary field that involves understanding learning in a wide range of social contexts.

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Secondary Teaching

This program prepares students to excel as classroom teachers and in the field of education as a whole.

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Social Policy

Students explore issues such as poverty, education reform, and community development as they learn how policies affect people’s lives.

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