Wildcat Welcome

Wildcat Welcome

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Welcome to SESP

We are delighted to welcome you, as an incoming member of the Class of 2022 or a transfer student, to the School of Education and Social Policy (SESP). The year ahead is going to be filled with excitement, change, growth, challenge and fun. The advising staff in the SESP Student Affairs Office is prepared and eager to work with you as you face the opportunities and transitions of college life at Northwestern.

Questions over the Summer?

Contact SESP Student Affairs at 847/491-3790 or sespinfo@sesp.northwestern.edu


Thinking about Your Major?

In SESP we have five majors, or concentrations, each with a different focus:

Human Development and Psychological Services

The HDPS concentration focuses on the influences of family, school, community and the workplace on human development.

Learning Sciences

Learning Sciences involves understanding learning in a wide range of social contexts and how to design innovative learning environments.

Learning and Organizational Change

LOC explores how organizations use knowledge and learning to create and respond to change.

Secondary Teaching

Secondary Teaching gives future teachers the tools to excel in the classroom.

Social Policy

Social Policy focuses on issues of poverty, law, urban affairs, economics and education reform in preparation for work in government agencies, nonprofit organizations and interest and advocacy groups.

AP Credit

Get Credit for Your AP Exams

Are you wondering how much Advanced Placement (AP) credit you can receive at Northwestern? SESP follows all Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences policies regarding the awarding of AP and International Baccalaureate (IB) credit, except we allow up to seven credits of distribution requirements to be fulfilled by AP or IB credit. Only one literature and art credit may be fulfilled with such credit.

Plan on Placement Exams

If you're thinking about course work in foreign language, chemistry, computer science, mathematics or physics at Northwestern, you should plan on taking placement exams. Placement exams determine the level where you should begin.


Mark Your Calendar for Wildcat Welcome Week

Wildcat Welcome is the beginning of the important partnership between you and your academic adviser. During the orientation to SESP, we'll be talking about academics, opportunities, responsibilities and goals. Check out the schedule for the SESP portion of Wildcat Welcome, and you will receive a personalized schedule when you arrive on campus that includes all of the University events during Wildcat Welcome.

Website for New Wildcats

Bookmark your browser for the website of the Office of Orientation and Parent Programs. This website will give you the inside story about your welcome into the Northwestern community.

Meet the Student Affairs Staff

We look forward to meeting you! Stop by the Student Affairs Office at 123 Annenberg Hall to check out the resources and say hello.

Want to work in the office?

Contact Jasmine E. Tucker, jasmine.tucker@northwestern.edu, or 847/491-4482.

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