Wildcat Welcome

Wildcat Welcome

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Welcome to SESP!

While Wildcat Welcome and new student advising will take place virtually in 2020, we are very excited to meet you and welcome you to our very special SESP community. We are here to support you as new SESP students whether it's this fall, winter, spring or beyond. We're here!

Questions over the Summer?

New students should have heard from their SESP adviser in July to schedule a one-on-one meeting to welcome you and give you a sense of what to expect (even as things evolve, we're trying to give you as clear a sense as possible of what is planned). If you have not heard from your academic adviser, please reach out to Caitlin Burnett (caitlin.burnett@northwestern.edu).


We understand that for those of you taking classes this fall registration and academics are front of mind. You will have a small handful of opportunities during the week to meet with your academic adviser in a peer group setting.

Course Registration for Fall

Transfer students should have enrolled in late August with other returning students. Each new first-year student will be assigned an enrollment appointment for Thursday, September 10 or Friday, September 11. You will receive instructions from your PAs and SESP adviser about when and where to meet for your actual registration. Members of the SESP advising team will be present throughout each assigned registration period to give last-minute advice and help troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Get Credit for Your AP/IB Exam Scores

A Bachelor of Science in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern requires a total of 42 units of credit. If, as many students do, you enter Northwestern with no Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) credit, you are not at a disadvantage. In fact, with no prior credits you can take three classes (rather than four) during half of your quarters here and still graduate on time. 

For those students who have had access to robust AP or IB programs, you are able to fulfill up to seven of your 10 distribution requirements with qualifying AP or IB scores. Consult the AP/IB Credit page to determine which, if any, credit(s) your score(s) have earned you.


Contact Us

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