Innovative Interdisciplinary Immersive

With interdisciplinary expertise and international experience, Dual Masters in Applied Economics (CUHK) and Social and Economic Policy (Northwestern) graduates are uniquely positioned to become leaders in their professions.

Modern economic and public-policy decisions demand mastery of quantitative and policy design and implementation methods in a global context. A pathbreaking dual-degree program—jointly designed by the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University and the Department of Economics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)—opens the door to the study of applied economics and its application to real world policies in both Chinese and US contexts.

Studying on campuses in Sha Tin, Hong Kong for 10 months and Evanston, Illinois for 7 months, students receive rigorous training in applied economic science and develop analytical skills to evaluate and design policies and programs in diverse global contexts. Upon completion of the program, students receive two master of science degrees from two top-tier global universities!

Please note, this program has been designated as a STEM program, which qualifies international students for the OPT extension. In order to qualify for the OPT extension, students must complete the optional Winter Quarter. For more information on STEM OPT extensions, please visit the Office of International Student and Scholar Services website.

Leading Edge Program

Gain a competitive edge in today’s interconnected marketplace by participating in the first program to address economic and policy issues through a transpacific lens.

Mastery in Multiple Disciplines

Enrich your understanding with insights from multiple disciplines while earning an applied economics degree and a social and economic policy degree in the same length of time, and similar cost, as one masters.

Life-Changing Student Experience

Think across academic and geographic boundaries, experience rich opportunities for growth, and come away with a deeper global perspective.

Global Network

Engage in diverse cultures and ideas with an international community of colleagues. Connect with a robust network of campuses and alumni around the world.

Outstanding Career Advancement Services

Take advantage of resources including advising, job and internship search assistance, career assessments, access to employment databases, career fairs, and recruiting events on two top-tier campuses.

World Renowned Faculty

Learn from top researchers, experienced professionals, and leaders in their fields.

Career Paths

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Economic Analysts in Public and Private Sectors

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Researchers in Academia

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Policymakers in Civil Service and Nonprofit Organizations

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Business and Industry Leaders

Our Students

The Northwestern-CUHK dual-degree program is expected to attract highly qualified students motivated to become leaders in their professions: as policy makers in civil service and nonprofit organizations and as economic analysts and thought leaders in public and private industry and academia. The program is distinctive for its academic concentrations and rigor, the prestige of its institutions and faculty, its affordability, and its incomparable student experience. Read why some of our current scholars chose our unique program.

Siyu Chen

Gain insights from two top-tier universities from different perspectives.

The combination of courses in applied economics at CUHK and social policy at Northwestern allows me to focus on how economics knowledge can solve social problems. The joint program provides an interesting and unique opportunity to think through two different perspectives.
Ruihan Liu

Lay a solid foundation to face challenges in future career.

The Dual Master’s Degree program will help me build a solid foundation in both theoretical research skills and their applications in social and economic policies. The rigorous training in advanced economic theories, quantitative analysis skills, and understanding of real-world issues can guide me to explore different fields in my future career.
Tianzong Lu

Create a vibrant learning environment.

If you are an adventurer off to see the world, the CUHK-Northwestern Dual Master’s Degree program will tick all the boxes. What attracts me most is to meet students with diverse cultural backgrounds, and you will be able to establish a global network of friends across the world. Additionally, students are encouraged to further their understanding in applied economics and social policy in two world-leading universities.
Suyash Mohan

Provide rigorous interdisciplinary training in diverse global contexts.

Whenever any student goes for a master degree in applied economics anywhere around the world, they are either exposed to the quantitative and theoretical aspects of economics, or the application in economic policy itself. This joint program will give me the opportunity to be exposed to both of these aspects, all while studying at two world class universities.
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