MSLOC Director's Message

MSLOC Director's Message

Kimberly Scott

Kimberly Scott, PhD.

Director, Master's Program Learning & Organizational Change
Assistant Professor, Master's Program in Learning and Organizational Change
1800 Sherman Avenue, Suite 3500
Evanston, IL 60208
Phone: (847) 467-3102

Of all the various work experiences I’ve had in my life, the ones I’ve found most meaningful are those where I knew the results would have a lasting, positive impact on the organization. Whether the project involved designing an expatriate management process, an employee engagement initiative or a talent management strategy, the best experiences all had one thing in common: Their goal was to transform the organization — and success had more to do with effectively engaging people throughout the change process than the content of the initiative. And where I have seen well-designed programs fail, a common thread was the lack of attention given to the complex process of change.

Transforming an organization is complex, and easy to mismanage. Too many hard-working employees and shell-shocked managers have firsthand knowledge of that fact. That’s why Northwestern University has a graduate program dedicated to learning and organizational change.

I’m passionate about helping organizations survive — and even thrive — through change. I see this same excitement in the people who become affiliated with the MSLOC program and Center for Learning and Organizational Change. Whether you have felt the joys of a successful initiative launch, or endured the disappointment of a program fallen flat, you have an opportunity to reflect and learn from these experiences so that you can continuously improve your approach and techniques. What many of our students also realize is that there is much to be learned from continuing their education, diving into relevant theories, concepts, and models, to take advantage of the innovative thought and practical knowledge that our faculty and their classmates share throughout our program.

Our students are pursuing graduate-level education for a variety of reasons: to sharpen their skills, to extend their professional networks and to advance or change their careers. The MSLOC program offers a small yet well-connected community of experienced practitioners, many of them managers and consultants, who concentrate their work in the areas of learning, knowledge and change in organizations — whether they are corporations, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations or schools. Our students appreciate the flexibility we offer, allowing them to focus their studies in areas most meaningful to them while they collaborate with others who share their passion for learning and organizational change.

If this sounds like you, please browse our web site, read some of the work that our students have generated, or join us for an information session to get to know us better. Meanwhile, best of luck pursuing the transformation you wish to see in your world.

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