Organizational & Leadership Coaching Courses

Organizational & Leadership Coaching Courses

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Program Design and Course Sequence

Students pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Organizational and Leadership Coaching begin as a cohort in March of each year.

The certificate program begins with a point of view: the MSLOC Coaching Model, which integrates the activities of one-on-one coaching around a core of relationships, learning and performance alignment. The model is the basis for a way-of-thinking as well as a way-of-doing that connects the individual practice of coaching with the larger challenge of understanding coaching as part of a talent development system.

In addition to the MSLOC Coaching Model, the program design includes the resources and relationships available through the MSLOC Coaching Community of Practice. The community leverages MSLOC's unique online social collaboration platform - The Hive -- which also is used for formal online course activities.

All courses in the certificate sequence are either required or elective courses for students pursuing the full master's degree. If you wish to continue your studies in the MSLOC program and successfully apply for a master’s degree, the credits that you earn with your coaching certificate will apply toward completion of a MSLOC degree.

All dates on the graphic above are required.

Course sequence:


Certificate Orientation and Learning About Learning How to Coach (Mid-March) 3-hour virtual meeting plus 3-5 hours online/self-study.

This introductory workshop is created specifically for those participants pursuing a graduate coaching certificate. The module introduces the MSLOC Coaching Model and expectations for learning and practice. You will be introduced to The Hive Coaching Community of Practice space that will serve as a virtual location for ongoing dialogue among MSLOC students, faculty and alumni with interests in organizational and leadership coaching.

Spring Quarter

(10 Weeks, March-June)

Course #1: MSLOC 420: Accelerating Learning & Performance 10-15 hours per week online/self study, teamwork plus a 2.5 day in-person intensive and virtual sessions

In Accelerating Learning & Performance, we focus on defining the performance levers that operate at the individual level of analysis (e.g., skills, motivation); models that can be used to diagnose performance gaps/improvement opportunities; and techniques that can be used to design solutions that will enhance the effectiveness of individuals within organizations. The course content includes concepts, theories and methods involved in cognitive science, psychology, education, and organizational behavior.

Summer Quarter

(10 Weeks, June-Sept.)

Course #2: MSLOC 451: Building Transformational Client Relationships 9-12 hours per week online/self study, teamwork plus a 2.5 day in-person intensive and virtual sessions

This course will introduce you to advanced methods and tools used in collaborative coaching and consulting engagements. Applying your subject matter expertise and heightened self-awareness about your strengths and capabilities, you will learn and practice the fundamental competencies related to engaging clients, including how to build rapport; how to ask questions and leverage active listening to help clients determine the root cause of the problem (or opportunity); how to establish a trusting environment for the client engagement; how to collaboratively solve problems with the client; and how to maintain long-term relationships. The class takes an in-depth look at communication skills and how to adapt approaches for communication that may be necessary at the different steps in the client relationship. Even our most experienced students find this to be an enriching course that advances their client relationship expertise.

Fall Quarter

(10 Weeks, Sept.-Dec.)

Course #3: MSLOC 453: Coaching for Learning & Performance 10-15 hours per week online/self study, teamwork plus a 2.5 day in-person intensive and virtual sessions; 3 observed coaching sessions

This course is designed for senior practitioners who are responsible for developing high-potential talent within organizations or providing one-on-one professional coaching or mentoring to managers or leaders. Grounded in theory and research on adult learning and instructional methods, this unique course will equip you with both a deeper understanding of how a variety of coaching techniques can improve individual learning and performance as well as the evidence-based knowledge necessary to design effective coaching/mentoring programs at the organizational level. Examining best practices, assessments, tools and methods used by professional coaches, the instructors will help you hone your consulting skills and learn how to adapt methods to meet the needs of diverse clients and contexts.

Winter Quarter

(10 Weeks, Jan.-March)

Course #4: MSLOC 454: Coaching Fieldwork 3-5 hours per week online/self-study, prep plus 10 hours virtual instruction; 3 observed coaching sessions; and, 20 hours (min) individual coaching practice.

Coaching Fieldwork is an opportunity for you to continue your coaching skill development under the guidance of a master coach who will mentor you throughout the quarter. You are expected to identify and take on two individual clients to coach during the quarter. You will continue to learn about, discuss and apply coaching frameworks and tools as you develop your own unique approach to coaching.

Co-curricular work

One key set of co-curricular activities are the digital portfolio assignments. The OLCC Digital Portfolio will be the culminating project from your OLCC learning journey, and will include reflections along the way about who you are, and who you are becoming as a coach.  The focus of the portfolio assignments will touch on these three areas: Learning, assessment & showcase. First, your digital portfolio is a place for you to explore the concepts you are learning about in class and take risks to apply and integrate and reflect on them as creatively as you like. Your digital portfolio is also a summative experience, meant to capture your learning journey and showcase the highlights of what you have learned about who and how you are as a coach through your education and training in OLCC. Finally, after you complete your OLC Certification (or before if you like), your portfolio should be developed to the point where the content can be shared with others:  Prospective clients, prospective employers, etc.

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