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How to Apply

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Applying to MSLOC in a COVID19 environment

We hope you are healthy and safe in these unsettling times. In the spirit of transparency, we wanted to address some factors that may influence whether you decide to apply to one of our graduate programs in a world where COVID19 creates continuing uncertainty.

How does MSLOC see its role, going forward?

We are change people.

If you peeked into our community today, you would see students, faculty and alumni gathering through video meetings and online discussions applying what we know and do to our various organizations. All of this is happening outside of any formal class sessions.

How do we effectively move to remote work? How do we care for our teams? What is the impact on job hunting? How do we maintain focus on equity and inclusion during stressful times?

These topics and the level of disruption we are experiencing is not normal. But this MSLOC community response to it exemplifies how we routinely operate.

Across the community we carry many different titles in a variety of organizations. Our role, however, is the same: Leading change, humanly.

What are my options for study? I am not sure how the future will unfold.

Throughout our history we’ve worked at creating a “life happens” approach to options for completing our program.

Start part-time, go to full-time. Start full-time, go to part-time. Live here, live there. Live just about anywhere. Focus on specific knowledge and skills in a one-year certificate. Complete a full degree. Or do both a degree and certificate.

This flexibility in time, place and focus is a result of how we’ve designed our learning experience (more on that, below) and our options for earning graduate program credentials.

You may earn a master’s degree either full-time, part-time or a mix of the two.

You may earn a graduate certificate part-time by completing one of our one-year, four-course programs. The programs focus on deepening expertise and skills in leadership coaching, design thinking for organizational challenges, or leading change to address equity and inclusion. These certificates can be completed as stand-alone credentials or as an additional credential with a master's degree.

Senior practitioners or leaders in search of professional development in more concentrated, standalone courses in coaching or leading change should consider the Executive Learning and Organizational Change program.

The MSLOC learning experience: How have we adapted?

For the past 10 years, MSLOC has delivered its curriculum using a hybrid model which integrates technology-enabled resources with face-to-face classroom experiences. What does this mean, today?

Our deep experience allowed us to quickly, and temporarily, pivot to a fully remote format for all of our classes in the upcoming academic quarter. Current students will attend courses from wherever they are and can continue their program plans without disruption.

Much of what they experience will be no different than what would have occurred under normal circumstances: group projects; direct interaction with faculty; class meetings via Zoom; plus community discussions, chat and resource sharing through the Hive, our dedicated social learning platform.

We anticipate going back to our normal hybrid format as soon as conditions allow– classes meet face-to-face in Evanston for 2 ½ days each quarter, supported by the Hive and other technologies throughout the 10-week period. But we are confident we can continue to adapt as future conditions may dictate.

What is the career outlook for someone moving into this field of work?

General economic conditions influence the number of new opportunities our graduates may encounter as they shift from one career position to another.

While these conditions are constantly changing and evolving, our approach to the career question remains grounded in a few fundamentals:

· We maintain close relationships with hiring leaders across industries who know the quality of students who come to MSLOC. This includes global and boutique consulting firms who work in organizational change, human capital and talent management.

· We leverage our alumni network to identify opportunities and connections to both contract and permanent positions, sometimes leading to roles or organizations that offer unexpected new career paths.

· We provide our EDGE career development series (Evaluate, Discover, Get Ready, Engage) and job seeking counsel to all current students and alumni seeking new career opportunities. Our year-round programming includes proven strategies for those seeking new career opportunities.

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Application Deadlines

The Master’s Program in Learning and Organizational Change Admissions Committee reviews applications for the master's degree program following each of these quarterly applications due dates: December 1, April 10, June 1 and October 10.

MSLOC generally admits full-time, part-time and certificate students in fall and spring quarters. Applicants who meet early admission deadlines may be offered an option to enroll in summer or winter quarter courses (space permitting). For summer courses applicants must apply by April 10. For winter courses applicants must apply by October 10.

Applicants who are interested in pursuing one of our our three cohort-based certificate programs must apply according to the following schedules:

  • Organizational and Leadership Coaching Certificate (OLCC) applicants must submit their applications at either the October 10 and December 1 deadline. OLCC begins every Spring quarter.
  • Leading Equity and Inclusion in Organizations Certificate (LEOIC) applicants must submit their applications at either the December 1 or April 10 deadline. LEOIC begins every Summer quarter.
  • Designing for Organizational Effectiveness Certificate (DOEC) applicants must submit their applications at either the April 10 or June 1 deadline. DOEC begins every Fall quarter.
Entry Quarter Early Application Deadlines Final Application Deadline
Fall December 1 and April 10 June 1
Spring June 1 and October 10 December 1
Summer (LEOIC only) December 1 and April 10 April 10


Please see Northwestern University’s quarterly academic calendar for quarter start dates.

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